The “good psychology” that builds

TRUST & the influence tactics that make SALES

=>  4 Live 1-hour Sessions begin week of October 25

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  • People only buy from those they TRUST. But the webinar tactics we’ve been taught don’t build trust.
  • These tactics were *never* intended to attract high-quality, long-term clients. They are psychological levers to capture one-and-done buyers.
  • There are alternatives: “good psychology” principles that are more effective and have been proven to work.​

Join me and other like-minded professionals for 4 live sessions where you will learn:

  1. How to use these authentic principles to ethically increase audience engagement, conversions and sales on webinars.
  2. How to quickly build enough TRUST with your audience so they are willing to listen to your authentic offer.
  3. How to easily apply good psychology principles to get the long-term clients and communities you want.


*Even if you cannot attend the live sessions, register to receive the audio and video replays, full transcripts, and all slides and visuals used during the sessions.  This is especially useful if your questions are selected and answered on the show!


The “no reason to say no” offer:  
Watch the first episode live (or via reply).  If it wasn’t worth your time (and money), then cancel.  Your money returned next-day, no-hassle. 


Who should attend?
This training is intended for those who have either hosted a webinar or plan to host a webinar soon. And most relevant to those who aren’t getting as many attendees or conversions or sales as they want.