This system is a completely new approach that flat out works. I’m a big fan of Dr. Champagne and highly recommend his technique to entrepreneurs!

Ray Edwards

Master Copywriter

Prosperity Coach & Author

I saw the incredible audience engagement at a live event using this system, so I implemented it for our online Summit. I was not disappointed! I cannot wait to deploy this method on webinars too!

Jennifer Brenton, M.D.

OB/GYN & Medical Visionary

Your Webinars don't make you wealthy because you're using the wrong tactics

Are you hosting a big webinar soon? That’s exciting! So, are you going to ask your guests the psychological trigger questions that guarantee they will attend? Do you even know what those critical questions are?  


Do you know how to “close the loop” to ensure your audience stays in their seats until you can unveil your offer? Have you constructed a “survey conversation” for the non-buyers to keep them opening your emails even months after your webinar has ended?


Probably not. Most webinars ignore these critical steps needed to attract, engage and retain a massive audience. Instead, they rely on the worn out, predictable tactics that no longer work for your savvy audience. 


Failing to use the psychology that works and relying on ineffective webinar tactics hurts everyone: 

  • YOU don’t discover deep insights about your audience prior to the webinar and so fail to connect with them

  • Your ATTENDEES realize their specific needs aren’t met and they tune out and don’t consider your offer

  • Your WEBINAR barely gets 25% of RSVPs to even show up, falls shorts of your sales goals, and your next week is spent pleading with attendees and no-shows to buy your stuff 

  • Your NON-Buyers unsubscribe altogether and wander off to find someone else who can address their needs

This alleged "expert advice" only drives people

away from your webinar

So many webinars like yours still cling to the “autopsy approach”: wait until after the cart is closed to figure out what went wrong. Other webinars rely on once popular (now useless) tactics like polling the audience or asking them to type “yes” repeatedly in the comment box, as if this creates true engagement (hint: it doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite).

Failing to gather feedback before, during and after a webinar is what rookies do:

  • Why would you speak to an audience without first learning their individual needs and expectations
  • Why would you not systematically gather ongoing feedback from your attendees while the event is still in session and while it still matters?
  • Why would you not share these unique findings with your audience to keep them entranced and looking forward to your emails for months afterwards?

This sales-boosting system is right for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur or small business owner without a huge marketing staff

  • You don’t have a massive list and need to make every interaction with every prospect count

  • You are tired of people ignoring your emails and unsubscribing during your open cart period

  • You know how to do webinars but are not getting enough sales to be profitable

  • You are a seasoned webinar host who needs more than just another tactic to nudge up your results

  • You host paid membership sites or manage Facebook groups and need higher retention and interaction

  • You want to generate massive untapped income from your “evergreen” webinar

  • You need to create more time to focus on what’s most important to you

  • You wonder why all the tactics you’ve used haven’t turned your webinars into a gusher of income

Do you mind if I point out the Elephant in the room?

The gurus are failing us. They won't stop teaching the dogma that simply no longer works in today's world. They leave their tired old training courses online so the rest of us can learn what USED to work 3 or 4 years ago. (Sorry, you are not their highest-paid client nor in their inner-circle so you probably haven’t heard this)  


Wanna know what else the gurus aren’t sharing? Their webinar attendance and conversions are plummeting. 

Yep, using the VERY SAME tactics you are using now, the gurus are struggling to keep up their numbers. If THEY are losing their audience with their massive lists and huge stable of high-flying JV Partners, how do YOU stand a chance to increase sales with those tactics?


Ah... so THAT explains why you aren’t getting the numbers you expected! I assure you, you’re not alone when you think: 

  • I’ve followed the “formula” for generating huge webinar sales but I must have the wrong formula! 

  • I must be the exception: everyone ELSE seems to be making money from their webinars.

  • I bought the training courses and the webinar tools but all I got out of it was credit card debt. 

  • I want to do another webinar but can’t commit to yet another massive time and cost suck just to get a couple sales!

  • These sales tactics feel so pushy and fake, but the gurus say I have to use these tactics for my webinar to work. Really?

The Awful Truth:

You are losing far more than you think

But let’s look deeper at what using ineffective tactics and FAILING to use the psychology that works is REALLY costing you. These tactics are wiping out your most valuable possessions: your TIME, your MONEY and your CLIENTS.  


It takes a LONG TIME to put a webinar together – writing copy, creating the training, technology problems, email content, testing, recording videos, more technology problems – all of this time is wasted when you use predictable sales tactics. Why lose sleep, wear yourself out and postpone important family plans when these moldy old tactics aren’t going to work on your savvy audience anyway? 


It takes a LOT of MONEY to do webinars – monthly fees, online tools and platforms, consultants, Facebook ads, your VAs, more monthly fees - how much money do you need to earn just to cover these expenses? How much MORE do you need to earn to actually make a profit you can stick in the bank? Is your family asking you the same question – WHEN are these webinars going to make money?  


These tactics LOSE a LOT of CUSTOMERS. Huh? How’s that? Well, what do you do with the 95% of people who DON’T buy from your webinar? (Oops, the gurus left that part out of their training!) Will you just drop them back into your blog feed and hope they stick around? Keep hammering them to buy something else until they unsubscribe? Invite them to another webinar that they won't attend? Attention spans are short. Without an interesting conversation, your audience is gone for good.

These commonly taught tactics SABOTAGE all your efforts

So here’s the typical webinar cycle: 

  1. Spend weeks agonizing and preparing in hopes that 25% of those who said they would show up actually do.
  2. Hope that everyone stays watching long enough to see your offer and then use every hard-sell tactic you know to get them to buy.
  3. Spend the next week pleading with attendees and no-shows to buy your stuff before the cart closes.
  4. Through sheer long hard work get enough sales to break even or (halleujah!) enough sales to live off that month.
  5. High five. Now… get back to work – you have to do it all over again this month. 


Is it any wonder you are anxious thinking about doing your NEXT webinar? And when will you find time to actually interact and assist those who signed up for your offer? Now you are juggling even more bowling pins… 

Yeah, but I’m going to build an “Evergreen”

Webinar – THAT will solve all these problems

Evergreen webinars are great, but using the same ineffective tactics will sabotage your evergreen too! You STILL need to use the psychology that works. If not, many of these people simply won’t give you a second chance to sell them and will unsubscribe from your list entirely. And may even tell others about their disappointment. Who wants that kind of bad publicity?! This scenario is totally avoidable, yet few take the necessary steps to avoid it. Here's how...

Never “sell” again. Use the Psychology that does the work

Have you heard the phrase “Parrot Heads” (Jimmy Buffett fans) and “Deadheads” (Grateful Dead fans)? These devoted fans would not only travel for hours to attend every concert possible, but would also buy every album and concert recording produced, and convert their friends to be fans. Jimmy Buffett doesn’t have to “sell” anything. He just creates a new product – an album, a beverage, a BBQ sauce – and the Parrot Heads rush to buy it and promote it. 

So, which life do you want? Do you want Parrot Heads who are focused on you and buy everything you create without you selling? Or do you want to coerce and pressure your audience to buy with the scarcity, urgency, social proof, reciprocity tactics the gurus teach?


Do you want to continue on the hamster wheel while your numbers continue to dwindle using the outdated tactics the gurus still promote? Or do you want to apply the scientifically-tested psychological principles that create raving fans who will rapidly build your audience for you?


It's cause-and-effect. Psychology works everytime. When you use the psychological principles, your audience feels that you took time to hear their voice and address their needs, and they will give you their deepest respect and trust. You will immediately stand out. You won’t be “that guy” – the one using the transparently fake hard-sell tactics. Instead, your webinar participants will become your legion of Parrot Heads. You can’t buy that kind of following for any amount of money. But you will earn it and deserve it.  


What if you attracted an audience that never left and kept buying from you? 

No one understands how businesses can improve their customer relationships better than Doc Champagne. He will teach you the practical psychology-based skills to truly Keep Your Customers Forever.

Sean Platt

Write. Publish. Repeat.

Founder of Sterling & Stone

Doc Champagne's psychological technique was so important that we delivered his training to our entire community of practitioners across the world. We've now applied his method to the questions we ask our website visitors, to our Facebook community and on our many webinars.

Gabe Hoffman

Medical Revolutionist

Co-Founder Evolution of Medicine

Meet Doc Champagne

Isn’t this the place where I’m supposed to reprint my bio? Something like:


“For 29 years, Dr. Champagne has been a scientist, researcher, author, professor and serial entrepreneur who has taught tens of thousands of students and corporate clients from on stage, in the classroom, in the boardroom and online. His unique customer feedback system is found in 600 organizations around the world..."

Aw that was nice: SURVEY Magazine named me their Technology Visionary to honor a career spent merging psychological principles with technology to create never-before-seen solutions.

OK, but why should YOU listen to Doc Champagne?

Yes, all the credentials and awards are nice, but WHY have so many people paid for my advice for so many years? More importantly, why should YOU listen to me? Perhaps for the same reason that other entrepreneurs do - to get real-life advice from someone who has been delivering webinars since 2001 (yes, there were webinars back then!). 


Others have listened intently to my message because they know I’ve taught online since 1996 (yes, there were online courses back then too - only it was called “e-learning”!).  


Many others appreciate that I’ve been an entrepreneur since I took the big leap in 1999 and have gone through more than my share of incredible highs and devastating lows building and selling my businesses. 


All are confident my teaching that is firmly rooted in the 96,000,000 data points I’ve gathered from the 8,000 surveys I've created. And that this research was awarded $6,500,000 by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, the Sloan Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Hewlett Foundation.


Whatever the reason, these same scientific, research-tested techniques that I’ve taught to dozens of the world's largest companies (FedEx, Verizon, General Motors) and hundreds of universities and learning organizations are the same techniques I want to teach you.  


Don’t get me wrong. You no doubt have more skills than me in nearly every area of life. I probably can’t teach you anything new on how to be a better parent (even though we have 3 kids, *sigh*). I can’t teach you anything new on how to improve your love life. I can’t teach you how to improve your tennis game or golf swing. In fact the list of things I can’t teach you is nearly endless. However...

Let me show you how to get the results you want

... If you are specifically looking for a way to get 40% more of your webinar invites to show up, to keep them engaged until they see your offer, to make far more webinar sales, and to keep your audience forever so you can generate massive revenue over time, well, THAT is what I can teach you. Just as I’ve taught the teams and partners of Bill O’Hanlon, Chris Ducker, Brian Tracy, Danny Iny, Tom Poland, Cathy Demers, Gina Hiatt, Trevor Turnbull and so many many others.

What if you could "Keep Your Clients Forever"

No worries about finding your "avatar". 


No worries about building your list. 


No worries about how much money your next webinar or launch or course will generate. That’s my life. And I want that to be your life too.


When you use the psychological principles I teach, it will prove to your audience that their voice was heard, that what they said made a difference, and that their needs were met. They will respect and trust you for that and no sales occur without trust. Your webinar attendees will become your Parrot Heads that will buy from you again and again.


Yes, of course you CAN go spend more money on Facebook ads and cultivate JV partnerships and spend as much money and time as you have. What I’m saying is you DON’T HAVE TO in order to create wealth. When you use these Principles, you'll have clients who never leave, who buy what you sell next, and who promote your offers to their friends. All you have to do is continue the conversation with them, learning from their feedback, and delivering what they need every time. Just like Jimmy Buffett. Strummin’ his six-string on his front porch swing…


You CAN attract an audience that will never leave. And you can start today. 


  • Transform “satisfied customers” into enthusiastic lifetime clients

  • Recapture lost time and money by efficiently implementing customer feedback

  • Discover deep insights by asking the right questions in the right way 

  • Protect your people against shiny object syndrome to stay engaged & loyal

  • Gather accurate results with unprecedented response rates 

Don’t worry – you have LIFETIME ACCESS and LIFETIME UPGRADES to all content, so start learning whenever you have time, whether now or in the months ahead. The material will always be there.

  • The Database – How to ask the RIGHT questions in the RIGHT way

  • The Sequence – How to ask the right questions at the right TIME 

  • The Responses – Exactly what specific feedback to share with your audience 

Leslie Barron

Webinar Producer for Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Eben Pagan, Mike Filsaime and everyone else you know!

Ray Edwards

Master Copywriter, Prosperity Coach & Author

29 Years of Development, Testing & Optimizing 


WARNING: This is not a "tactic" to "nudge" your results.


 This is the Principles of Psychology - applied to what you are already doing

- to draw an audience and create lifelong fans. 

Charles Byrd

Productivity Guru

SidewaysSurvey helped make my live mastermind event incredible. It drew out important suggestions from attendees that I then incorporated moments later. Everyone realized their voice was heard and that what they said made a difference. The event just got better over time.

Jeff Brown

Read to Lead Podcast

I don’t have time to learn yet another platform/tool. I don’t want to pay for another monthly subscription.

But I deliver INFORMATIONAL webinars, not SALES webinars.

I've already taken courses on how to deliver webinars. What does this add?

I’m already a pro at webinars and I don’t think this will help someone with my experience. 

I already ask questions of my members, students & customers. What else am I missing?

Sorry to pour a cold bucket of truth on you, but if at least 60% of your people aren't responding to every question you ask, then your surveys and quizzes aren’t that good. In fact, it’s downright dangerous to act on the responses of 10% or 15% of your audience since that doesn't REPRESENT your audience's opinions! 


When you ask the RIGHT questions in the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time, you’ll get massive response rates that assure accurate and meaningful results. Plus you create the “survey conversation” that will keep people in your orbit forever.​​

I know how to create a survey, why can’t I just use the surveys I made?

Hmm… why not compare your surveys against my 25-point checklist and find out if you are getting accurate, meaningful results? Here comes the cold bucket of truth again: you aren’t.


I’ve reviewed and critiqued more than 8,000 surveys since 1991 and MOST surveys I review get a failing grade. It’s like getting your car serviced. Only more important because you are flushing your time and money down the toilet by asking the wrong questions in the wrong way and then acting on this (mis)information. What could be worse than that?​​

I do Evergreen webinars, does it work the same?

Does this work for in-person training and events too?

What about engaging and retaining and audience in my membership site, launch, online summit or Facebook group?

I don’t have time for this training. Can’t I just pay someone to do this for me?

Sure! Simply enroll and you'll have the option to upgrade to the Done-For-You program. Many business leaders have enrolled members of their team to take this training to learn and apply all the critical insights they need to boost their bottom lines. No time to take the training? Have one of your skilled team members enroll and learn.​​​​​​

Discover more time & money

The fastest way to earn money is to sell to the customers YOU ALREADY HAVE. The ones who are already on your list. They’ve already bought something from you and they are waiting for you to come up with your next idea, next product, next service to sell them. You don’t need to waste time learning yet another new marketing strategy that will bring in NEW customers. The money is in the pockets of your CURRENT customers.  


In the “old days” (before online marketing), I ran a start-up company that generated $300,000 annual profit. Not income. Profit. Our “list” was 40 people. Not 4,000. Not 40,000. Just 40 people.  


But those 40 people repeatedly bought everything we created. To the tune of $1.2 million annually. These were our 40 Parrot Heads. We weren’t tempted to buy Facebook Ads (since they weren’t invented yet!) to get new customers because our Parrot Heads spread the word for us for free.  


What I’m saying is that if you apply the right psychological principles to what you are already doing (your webinar) you can create lifetime clients. Sure, 40 clients sounds like small potatoes, but does $1.2 million sound small? I’m sure you could do better and get 80 or 200 or 1000 devoted fans, each buying everything you can create. How does that sound?  

Using these Principles means not worrying about where your next client will come from. It means stress-free days and sleeping well. It means having time for the important things in life. And everyone wins because you’re giving your customers, students and clients exactly what they want.  


Are you ready for your Parrot Heads and more freedom by applying this system?

OK Doc, how much is this going to cost?

READY to take that first step

to earn Huge Sales?

You risk nothing if your buy. 


But you risk EVERYTHING – your money, your time, your clients – by

staying on the hamster wheel and hard-selling your audience. 


Join Us!

Is this the right choice for me?

Yes. If you can relate to any of these statements:

  • I already produce or host webinars for me or my team 

  • I already have delivered an informational or sales webinars 

  • I've already spent time and money trying to influence or sell to people

  • I'm willing to invest in something that will take my business to the next level

  • I genuinely care about my message and I want to serve more people

  • I'm willing to take 90 minutes to learn 

Enroll Here!

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