Don't (Survey) Monkey Around: Creating the Perfect Survey

How to avoid traps and errors so you get engaged respondents, actionable feedback & accurate results from your surveys




What you will learn

  • Avoid the 5 devastating errors made by nearly all survey creators that discourage respondents and muddy your results

  • Craft instructions/email invites/survey items that inspire people to give deep and meaningful feedback that you can take action on

  • Learn expert tactics unknown to most experts (e.g., response scales mismatched to survey items, survey flow)

  • Recognize the difference between survey items that yield interpetable and meaningful results, and those that do not

  • Avoid the 5 major traps that are built-in to SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Survey Gizmo, and other survey-creation tools

  • Dramatically increase response rates on your surveys

  • Learn the best ways to incentivize respondents (hint: all of them are free!)

Who this course is for:

  • You create/administer/analyze web-based surveys for members, clients, prospects, students, alumni, employees or customers
  • You want to improve your surveys: (1) get higher response rates, (2) collect more meaningful and clear results, (3) spend less time and money on incentives, (4) generate more useful and actionable written comments, or (5) get more participation and enthusiasm from respondents

Who this course is NOT for:

  • This course may not be necessary if the results of your surveys are not the basis for important decisions (e.g., you only do quick “doodle polls” to check available meeting times)
  • This course may not be necessary if your past survey efforts have all yielded high response rates, meaningful and interpretable results, and you have no trouble getting people to fill out your surveys again and again
  • This is not a course about "how to make a million dollars sitting at home filling out surveys

Course content:

  • Lesson #1. Overview

    • Answers you can't find on the internet or from colleagues or experts
    • The "devastating errors" and how to avoid them
  • Lesson #2. 5 ways to make people ignore your surveys

    • What NOT to ask on your survey
    • How to get deep meaningful comments
    • Asking the right question in the wrong way
    • The problem with multiple purposes
    • Summary of the 5 devastating errors
  • Lesson #3. 5 avoidable traps found in your web-based survey creation tools

    • What are "traps" and how to work around them
    • The #1 way that survey tools make your response rates plunge
    • How your survey tools make you lose crucial data
    • Confirmation pages - the rarely used opportunity
    • Mismatches between survey items and response scales
    • Unneccessary complexity baked into your survey tools
  • Lesson #4. "Beyond Expert" tactics to put you in the top 1% of survey creators

    • Incentives that work & popular ones that don't (and cost a ton of money & time!)
    • Instructions that engage people to WANT to fill out your surveys
  • Lesson #5. Applying what you learned

    • Quit monkeying around with your WEBINARS - make them generate sales!

    • Drop the fake high-pressure sales tactics - yet INCREASE sales on your webinar

Your Instructor:

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

Survey Sensei

For two decades, Doc Champagne has  influenced survey and feedback practices in learning organizations worldwide as a senior research fellow, university professor, theorist, serial entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker. He has authored 75+ chapters, articles, and how-to guides with practical solutions to create  high-quality survey instruments and processes that have been implemented  at 750+ organizations. Dr. Champagne's theories and research spawned the web-based course evaluation industry in higher education and he helped create many of the innovative web-based technologies used today to improve the quality of training and customer service. 

How to Create the Perfect Survey

This course includes:

2.5 hours on-demand video

Lifetime access

Downloadable resources

What other Professionals say about this course:

Joyce Borgfeld

I develop evaluations for continuing nursing education.  The instructor was very engaging.  I especially liked the portion on incentives; that is something we will implement immediately.

Mike Twittey

The tone throughout was conversational yet technical. The content comes from practical experience and can be applied very quickly and easily to any survey application. Recommended to anyone new to surveys or anyone who already administers surveys but feels like they could get better results.

Thomas Wong

This course delivers what is promised and then delivers even more. I consider myself very knowledgeable and have been involved in many customer service and employee surveys, yet I still learned so much from this course.

Nicholas Donnellon

The course provided succinct, digestible information and offered several tips and tricks that I'm sure I'll find useful.

Ken Compton

I wanted to achieve higher response rates on our surveys and get more meaningful responses from the recipients and this course will help us achieve those goals. The instructor was excellent. I highly recommend this course.

Victoria Mathews

I needed an overall survey writing course, because I have been tasked with writing one for my agency. Matt was an excellent instructor and engaging, kept me in my seat!  It was a great beginner, all-encompassing course that helped me a lot.

Robert Davis

I really enjoyed this course!  Matt's practical advice gave me a great road map for creating surveys for my Research Project. This course will also help me as a manager/owner in gaining feedback from my employees and clients.

Irene Carroll

Not only was the information very detail specific, informative and worth my time, more importantly, I learned something! And I was able to open the eyes of my colleagues to my survey suggestions. Bravo Doc, you voice tone and conversational flow engaged me throughout all the modules.  Wowzur, all good stuff from start to finish!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Ken Speer

The instructor was very engaging; warm and friendly. The production quality was good - the initial video was outstanding. The time flew by--a sure sign of a good course!

Kathy Sharpe

Appreciated the instructor's real-life examples as it brought the content to life and was easy to relate too. A great course and I have already embedded some of the tips into my daily practice. Thanks!


Course Requirements

  • Course content will also apply to paper-based surveys, but BETTER if you are familiar with at least one of the 150+ web-based survey creation tools available (e.g., SurveyMonkey, Survey Gizmo, QuestionPro, Typeform)

  • You have created at least one paper-based or web-based survey (whether it is one of your job duties or you were asked by others to create a survey) 

  • Have willingness to think differently - 98% of surveys yield worthless results - you will instead learn the inside scoop that will put you in the upper 2% of all survey creators!